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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

TBC New Updates For Trusted Sellers By TBC Admin...

TBC New Updates For Trusted Sellers By TBC Admin....

Migration is just around the corner and has provided us an opportunity to reset the TBC Money.  Our first two years have been a bumpy road and we all have made plenty of mistakes.  Mining TBC coins actually makes no sense at all.  We are not attaching the value of TBC to the electrical expense of mining our TBC coins.  (POW) Bitcoin uses that Proof of Work model to justify its value.  Instead we recognize the value of living men and living women contributing their value to our TBC Money through our private Membership Agreement.  Each Member of our TBC community raises the ultimate value of all of our TBC coins by one Euro per Member.  That’s the core of how we value our TBC Money together.  So, the new blockchain has 1 Billion coins sitting in the genesis block ready for distribution.  Tens of millions of coins have already been distributed in the old blockchain to our current Members, and that blockchain was set up to mine 50% of the coins over time.  Unfortunately, the bumps in the road has resulted in significant loss of TBC coins in the old blockchain.  In the industry, those lost coins are called orphans, because normally they are lost forever and usually impossible to recover.  When people lose their password or email accounts it can create a significant number of orphaned coins throughout the industry.  The beauty of being a private Money is that we can migrate into a new blockchain as needed almost like changing our clothes.  So, this migration will wash out all of our orphan coins and we will learn from our past mistakes.  The largest source of orphaned coins comes from giving coins as gifts.  Since no value was exchanged many of the receivers of the gift found no value in our coins.  When they walk away from TBC they leave their coins orphaned.  So, on the day we start migration (which is still unknown to me at this time, until I get a firm commitment from our main coin developer) we will no longer give Kringles away as gifts, but instead we will give them an equal value of cookies.  This means the receivers will need to wait for a redemption period before they can convert their cookies into Kringles.  As they wait for that time, they should get educated about TBC and play the role of Partner, until they get enough of their coins together to drop the partnership(s).  This scenario is in the best interest of everyone.  Giving people free money without any education is just about as dangerous as giving someone a loaded gun without out first providing a reasonable amount of gun use and safety training.  We have learned much by experience over our first two years of existence.
So, here is what will happen…  On day one of migration I expect thousands of TBCians to complete the migration process that same day.  In that process those that migrate will lose access to their coins on the old blockchain, and will receive access to an equal number of coins on the new blockchain.  No transactions can be done between these blockchains because they are incompatibly coded and separate.  Migration is in one direction ONLY; from the old blockchain to the new blockchain.  The migration period will start on that one particular day and will last 90 days after that.  That’s plenty of time to come up with the $10 fee needed to go ahead and migrate.  This is not an additional $10 fee, if you have already paid the $10 fee then you are allowed to go ahead and migrate on that day.  From that day forward, new members will not be able to register on the website https://tbc004.net/ but instead will have access to the new wallet domain to get a registered TBC wallet ongoing.  That new domain will be revealed the day of migration.  More details about the migration are forthcoming as we get closer to the start date.
The main point of this article has to do with the fact that TBC Trusted Sellers are in the distribution business.  Once you have completed the migration process you can sell your brand new TBC/Kringle coins at the daily Current Price.  We decided to fire Santa, some of us will be sad to see him go.  But you will immediately notice a change in the Kringle coin logo.  We will be taking on a much more conventional look and feel starting with that particular logo.  During the migration process we will be overhauling the Kringle Cash website too.  It will be better in every way you can imagine it to be.  We need a web presence that reflects an organization that is in the millions.  It will be a major overhaul.  But it will be rebuilt behind the scenes mostly, during the time of migration.  When we are ready, we will reveal it to the world and go from there.  No need to hold up the start date of migration waiting for all of that to get done.  We’ve come a long ways since the day we launched our idea on a $50 one page website.  Even after the 90 days of migration Admin will be sitting on hundreds of millions of TBC coins.  I need the help of all of the Trusted Sellers to distribute these coins to a billion people from all over the world through the Cookie Rewards program that has already started to expand.  At first we offered two ways to gain access to Cookie Rewards.  While we are in the Billionaire Zone of our leadership tree we have been giving away 100,000,000 cookies for every $100 of Kringles purchased from a Trusted Seller.  Also, we have a 1,000,000,000 Cookie Reward for every 100 recruits a Trusted Seller brings into our TBC community, that the recruits have completed their Kringle Cash profiles.  For a limited time only, we have expanded the program so that those that attend the Send Button Meetings will receive 1,000,000 Cookies each time they attend.  Starting on the day of migration, new members will be rewarded with the equivalent of 25,000 Cookies just for joining for FREE.  But they will need to pay the $10 fee to become a Trusted Seller in order to participate in a redemption period.  Like I said, we will no longer be giving away coins that could in turn become orphans.  The next thing I will set up is a monthly pay of cookies for our official YouTube-rs depending on the number of Subscribers they have on their YouTube channel each month.  We need to see the community move away from doing useless posts on Facebook and move towards doing YouTube videos for TBC.  Private messaging on Facebook is great, the posts is where we open ourselves to needless ridicule.  It’s a snap to turn off comments on a YouTube video.  I have many activities I want each of our Trusted Sellers to do and I will create Cookie Rewards for each of those positive activities; including doing Kringle transactions and getting a Cookie Reward for every dollar.  The Cookie Rewards will always be very generous with the intent to move 99% of the TBC coins sitting in the Admin wallet to a billion people.  Early adopters will of course end up with a much higher percentage of cookies which later are redeemed for coins than the Johnny-come-late-lies that come in when we are almost done with the Distribution Phase of rolling out our TBC economy.  It will be fair and balanced accordingly.  People will never have to pay for cookies, therefore Admin is not selling Cookies or Coins, they are simply rewards for participation in helping us all to set up a full blown TBC economy.  The sooner we get to a Billion Members, the sooner our TBC Money becomes totally liquid.  We will get to a Billion Members much sooner than most of you can imagine is possible.  We got to 3 Million Members by exponential growth and that is exactly how we will get to a Billion Members too.  Just picture us one day growing by a million members a day.  Through the Cookie Rewards program over time we will collectively move 99% of the TBC coins out of the Admin wallet into the wallets of a Billion Members.  We will end up with a million Billionaires, and a billion Millionaires in order to all thrive under an economy based on the principle of Abundance for all.  Then we won’t care about the jobs that are lost to robotics and automation in the future, and we will always find ways to employ those that desire employment and properly care for those that are simply unable to work in a dignified manner.  Together we will bring to an end global poverty once and for all!
1 Cookie = 1 Kringle
100,000,000 Kringles = 1 TBC
Today 1 TBC = $3,709,671.99



  1. The info. contained herein is both comprehensive and comprehensible. Definitely. TBC is the surest antidote to global poverty. Bravo!


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